The trully me….

This seems like i think how they really cruel on their way…

It just like, hmmm….when they need, uum…no, they don’t need me, if they need me, they will know how I really care about them.

It hurt you know, when you are be trayed again and again, with this heart…you know…i just wanna find the one who could be my leader..

Once i met, then they just be an ignorant,….and i left away, when i felt it just a wasting time, attention…try to give affection, but what..they just ignore me…tough at first they started to close.

Now then, they just back again, foolishly they think that i’m arrogant, but actually what do they want..????i don’t know…
And when i think they need my present just for lunch , dinner, or hang out…..i feel …how it really odd things for just like, i’m the other optional for them to choose when they don’t have any other option…

Oh gosh….i just give them a chance, so whenever i make a distance from them, n they just say i’m childish, is it????….
I’m not begging for them  to be mine…i just don’t want they think i am arrogant…

Please, understand….if i am away from you ….is that mean i let you have other option…but not me, because i have my own optional for my self, but i never play on one’s heart, though i gave them a chance…


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