Is It Happen To Me?

Trauma in Greek means DEEPLY WOUNDED….

this word is used to describe an experience that happened at somebody. Psychologist defines trauma is an unforgettable experienced and commonly not accepted by the sufferer, it’s called as post-traumatic syndrome disorder.

Let’s too much when we state that Trauma has been used to point the occurrence that has the invisible effect which not appear yet. In Psychology, trauma is a trouble that restraining us on a way that can not be expressed psychologically.

and then the problems comes up, how to present the occurrence but can not be presented by definition, or it is presented partly, but on the other hand the occurrence can not be released from Our MEMORIES OF THE PAST….

Some people argue that the failure to express this MEMORIES is a good thing, since this could keep us avoiding the traumatic occurrence by diverting it to other facts.

When trauma can not be represented, then we could discuss another topics, on the other words, JUST FORGET THE BITTER ONE. So with that definition, PAST MEMORIES could not be integrated

Traumatic concept could be reflected on the episthemologist approach. By this approach, we can reach the definition of trauma specifically, and its differences when it is compare with SADNESS or SHOCK . When we try to find the rigid definition of trauma, if we find the condition that is used to make the trauma happens, actually it is not sadness, shock or even it is not depression.

The reflection about trauma is that started with the understanding of possibilities condition on the existing trauma.

At first, trauma is not a condition that appear by the emptiness, but it has an obvious causes. Without those causes, trauma would never happen.

Next, trauma has intensity to be increased, as long as the causes are available to create trauma, then the intensity is growing high.

At last, trauma would always exist, although the cause is nothing. So there, no causes but the trauma exist. Trauma would not disappear directly, since trauma would always exist.

No visible measurement could detect trauma, it just a physically entity that would never ever touchable and unbreakable.



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