the Okubyōmono…


They wanna beat me all the time…but I am the Beast …hehehhe…but it seems all nothing for me..
Be apart that thorn a part… YOU..ALL

I know, that I ain’t like you, but I guess I can be better ….’s not a big DEAL for me to Chase away every words like you said….

As a matter of fact, do You agree?? If I call them as a Pickled Pepper ???…na… like Tommy said : “Tell to Tom to Train the TIGER tomorrow on Time “

Yupz….the Trainer is Me….and the TIGER are them…
How fearful the TIGER is…? still nothing without a Mind…BrainLesS !!!

But keep on doing that to me…..
I am still the Captain on My Ship….

Dedicated to : the Okubyōmono…


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